Willy Woo on Why He Thinks We’re Nine Years Away From Half the World Using Bitcoin – Ep.027

Independent crypto analyst Willy Woo, who blogs at Woobull.com, talks about where he sees the price of Bitcoin going over the next six months. (Hint: He uses the word “sideways.”) He also describes his concept of NVT Ratio, the Bitcoin equivalent of price-to-earnings ratio, and how that helps determine whether bitcoin and certain other coins are over- or undervalued. We also discuss his 10,000-year view of cryptocurrency, and why he believes we’re only nine years away from half of the world using Bitcoin.

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Willy’s recent tweets on the short-term future price of Bitcoin: https://twitter.com/woonomic/status/1000223528803762176

The Unconfirmed episode in which Coinbase’s Adam White estimates conservatively, that $10 billion of institutional money is waiting to come into crypto: http://unconfirmed.libsyn.com/coinbases-adam-white-on-a-momentous-day-in-crypto-ep023

Willy’s 10,000-year view of cryptocurrency:

Graphic: https://woobull.com/the-10-000-year-view-of-cryptocurrency/  


NVT Ratio: https://woobull.com/introducing-nvt-ratio-bitcoins-pe-ratio-use-it-to-detect-bubbles/

NVT Signal: https://woobull.com/nvt-signal-a-new-trading-indicator-to-pick-tops-and-bottoms/

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