Change Log: Version 3.0

Major Changes

  • Bitfinex Reports 2.0
    • With all the new reporting features, there is a separate dedicated post. Please read about it here.

  • New Notifications System
    • New notification toast with expanded room and information.

    • New Notification history sidebar is now accessible from the bell icon.

  • New IOC Order Type
    • New Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order type. It works like Fill or Kill (FOC), but it allows partial fills.


Minor Changes

  • Performance improvements when components are collapsed
  • Fixed custom sorting of tickers on the Ticker List
  • Fixed bug in chart candles when changing tickers after a web-socket reconnect
  • Performance optimisations from removing old code
  • Fixed orders component expand after a page refresh
  • Fixed positions component in demo mode
  • Fixed detection of correct browser version of MS Edge
  • Fixed notification message when canceling funding
  • Fixed confirmation modal when placing orders



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