How to get the most of your Bitfinex Pulse account

Bitfinex launched its built-in news aggregator and social platform, Bitfinex Pulse last month. It was created to provide crypto traders with a valuable and safe environment to share and grow, which will eventually encourage a stronger crypto community.

With the traders’ interests in mind, Bitfinex Pulse is equipped with various features and functionalities that will benefit them. We’re also continuously developing the platform and introducing new capabilities to Pulsers – this is what we call the Bitfinex Pulse users. 

Here’s a guideline on how to get the most out of your Pulse account:

  • Complete your profile

Besides a nickname (4-32 characters), you can upload an image and give a short description of yourself. Your Bitfinex Pulse profile is worth a thousand words as it makes it easier for people to find and follow you. 

  • Make your pulses public

Do you know that the only way to make your pulses seen by others is by making them public? To do so, you need to be a verified Bitfinex user. Check out our Verification FAQ to find out how to verify your account. 

For media outlets and crypto content creators, we have a different procedure for Bitfinex Pulse account creation and verification. Please visit our Bitfinex Pulse contributor application form and a member of our marketing team will help get your account verified.

  • Pin your pulse to get featured

When you log in to your Bitfinex account, you’ll be able to see the Bitfinex Pulse banner just below the top menu. It shows a continuous stream of pinned pulses of different Pulsers. 

The key word is “pinned”, so if you want your pulse to be featured on the banner, you have to post a public pulse and pin it.

  • Use hashtags to boost your visibility

Hashtags will improve your visibility on Bitfinex Pulse by making it easier for people to find your pulses. By using hashtags, your content will go beyond your followers as they will be shown to anyone interested in and searching for the hashtagged topics.

From a business standpoint, it also gives your company a huge opportunity to be noticed in conversations, boosts your presence and helps develop your thought leadership in the crypto industry.

  • Use cashtags for better pulses

Cashtags show a brief explanation of the respective currency. Info, such as current price and description is available in a preview window when the cashtag is on hover. Using cashtags in your posts will help your followers to understand your content better, while at the same time, keep them updated with the latest price update, as they read through your pulses.

  • Style your pulses for better legibility

Some insights can’t be made short, yet long texts can be uninviting to read. Styling the texts would improve their readability. We have the bold and italic features for you to use to highlight some of your texts. We also provide bulleted list and numbered list functionalities for easier-to-read pulses. 

  • Share images in an instant

Let your images tell your story and insights. With the drag & drop feature, sharing images on Bitfinex Pulse couldn’t be easier 

  • Share charts from raw data easily

It is way easier to read and digest data with charts. So, we make it easier for you to create and share ones. With our share charts functionality, it is easier for you to share information – based on real-account data, such as your exchange wallet holdings.

  • Follow and get first-hand insights 

What is better than getting real-time trading insights from your favourite crypto traders while you’re trading? Find and follow them on Bitfinex Pulse. There are also various crypto content creators and media outlets you can follow for reliable and diverse market insights. 

What’s more, you’ll receive notifications when you get new followers or your pulses get new likes. 

Creating an account on Bitfinex Pulse is easy, if you haven’t yet, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started. Otherwise, let’s get those pulses rolling and prepare to get the most out of your Bitfinex Pulse account. 

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