Idiots how to guide?

Hey all, total newbie for all things crypto here so please forgive my ignorance. I’m looking for a totally anonymous way to send and receive payments (and at some point cash out). I understand Monero is the way to go. Unfortunately though as I try to learn more about the subject everything I have watched so far seems to be geared more towards people with an existing knowledge of crypto so things are going over my head. My client base are also non tech people so I will need to walk them through the process of paying me via Monero as easily as possible to.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a sending and receiving Monero for dummies type guide? I am willing to pay an expert to walk me through the process and help me get set up if need be. Should anyone care, I’m not looking to do anything criminal at all, but for civil reasons this project must be transacted with total anonymity. I am UK based if this makes any difference.

Thanks so much in advance everyone, fingers crossed someone can help.

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