Which linux distro would you prefer out of Monjaro and Mint for a laptop that is going to be used only for Monero GUI and other cryptos?

Graphics card is Intel HD graphics 3000

CPU is i3-2310m

4GB memory

Windows 10

Does it make sense to choose one over the other if the only purpose of the laptop is for the Monero GUI, and ledgar live? (Okay and a tiny bit of tor browsing)

Long story short,

Found my old laptop from 2011, it’s nearly never been used

I cleared the entire drive, installed windows 10, and monero GUI failed to work properly, I suspect the problem is centered around windows 10 properly processing my graphics, so I decided to try kubuntu.

In kubuntu I repeatedly got partman error code 141, decided I didn’t want to use kubuntu anyways (after a day of trying to fix the problem) and decided to give monjaro or Mint a try after it was suggested to me on a linux subreddit.

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