Announcing: AMA with Core Developer Jeremy Rubin about BIP-119 (OP_CTV) on Thursday at noon Eastern

Hi /r/Bitcoin!

We’re excited to announce an AMA with BIP-119 Author Jeremy Rubin to answer all your questions about BIP-119. We’re announcing the AMA here now so you can put it on your calendar and give you a chance to review materials ahead of the AMA and come up with some tough questions for Jeremy!

At 11:30 AM EST on Thursday we’ll post and sticky the thread in /r/Bitcoin, and questions will begin being answered at 12:00 PM EST. Questions will be answered regularly from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM and
questions outside that window will be answered asynchronously throughout the rest of the day.

Recommended resources to review before the AMA: – Chaincode Labs Podcast:

– BIP-119 Specification:

– More Resources:

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