A Cautious Proposal

Right now MoneroTipsBot has a feature where you can donate to the CCS with a click of a button (semantically, it sits in /u/MoneroTipsBot‘s wallet until I send it to a proposal), and it’s a feature I’ve definitely noticed people use from time to time when they have spare change.

I am cautiously proposing a feature like this could be added to the official GUI – MoneroTipsBot makes up a tiny fraction of Monero usage, but has still raised roughly 1 XMR/year since launch. I don’t believe the CCS is hurting for donations, but it could still be useful to raise funds in more than one spot.

There’s more potential here if options are presented for where the user wants their funds to be sent. Connecting to the CCS itself is a privacy leak, but choosing between development, research, or localization is not. A chance for the userbase to give back might work out better than we think, but I would be cautious of some of the pitfalls.

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