I need your help with which wallet to use.

Hello fellow bitcoin hodlers.

Over the past few months i accumulated some cryptocurrencies. Mainly btc and a bit of eth. Right now the value of my portfolio is at the amount which i don’t feel comfortable holding on coinbase anymore. I’ll be holding and I’m also looking to add to my position in the following weeks so i’m in need of a wallet. I’m a bit of a rookie in crypto space and still got a lot to learn. From my understanding hardware wallets are the best option to store your crypto. However i also came across hot wallets like exodus, electrum and others and I would like to hear your opinions about them. Are they good alternative to hardware wallets? Do you know any other hot wallet that is good and accepted in crypto community? Also.. Exodus allows me to store btc and eth while electrum only allows me to store btc. Which wallet is good for storing eth?

Also, are there any good alternatives to coinbase. I would like to try them out in the following weeks when i add to my btc positions.


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