Just removed my iOS bitcoin wallet

It’s been years since I paid with Bitcoin. I always pay with Monero (usually via xmr.to). Imo only a madman would pay with Bitcoin. It’s so idiotic it’s not even funny. Daniel Kim nailed it when he said “Monero is what Bitcoin noobs think they bought”. That speech is a must-see btw. Destined to go down in monetary history as LEGEND. (Only 1000 views showing the cluelessness of most – and massive opportunity for those who can see the bleeding obvious.)

Coming back to iOS, I transferred all my BTC from Breadwallet to Cake Wallet (XMR) and removed Breadwallet. It was only taking up space and sync time. I’m not sure why I kept Breadwallet so long as I’ve not paid with it for years. Bad habits I guess.

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