Leftover altcoin loose change? Solution: Instant Exchange –> my Lightning Network wallet –> LNMarkets –> Profit!

What to do with the small amounts of altcoins you might have lying around in various wallets and exchanges? Convert them to Lighting network , and give them a 10X spin on LNMarkets!

I found that I had a small amount of altcoins leftover on a few P2P exchanges that I use, and from some small amount of a crapcoin that I received from Brave wallet on my Uphold account, as well as some small balances from a few altcoins on my multi-chain wallet, etc. But the fees for converting these to bitcoin and then withdrawing might chew up all of (or most of) the value of these bits of loose altcoin change.

So what I did instead was to use FixedFloat, an instant exchange to convert these altcoin bits into bitcoin on Lightning network. Doing that conversion to BTC on LN eliminates any BTC network transaction fee, letting me keep most of the value from the altcoin (the instant exchange takes their cut from the conversion). So I did this, one wallet and exchange account to the next, until they were all clean.

Once I had received the last of the bitcoin in my LN wallet I saw the total, …. 240,000 sats (~0.0024 BTC).

Essentially I gave my wallets and exchange accounts a colon cleanse, but I was still left unsatisfied with just ~$20 worth of bitcoin as the result of having gone through the effort.

Wanting something a little more from my shitcoin purge, … I took those funds from my LN wallet and created a 10X leveraged long on LNMarkets.

I’ve no idea if I’ll be 0.0024 BTC poorer or if instead this little excursion will pay out nicely. But since the funds came from my various bits of altcoin loose change lying around, I consider it worth taking the risk. And I’m really pleased that I’m nearly entirely shitcoin-free at this point.

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