Strange first experience with monero

Hey everyone!

I’ve been taking a keen interest in cryptocurrencies for the past few months, last night I decided to get down to action. The plan was to buy one Monero! As I understood, I needed to do three things:

  1. get a wallet
  2. buy monero from exchange
  3. transfer the monero from exchange to my wallet

I downloaded official GUI, installation went fine however I wanted to make sure I don’t download the entire blockchain so I did some research on that. After installing I read the pdf instructions and searched the web a bit on how to set up a wallet. As I was writing down the mnemonic key (I understood it’s a good idea to write it down on a piece of paper which will be well hidden) a strange thing happened: my table lamp blinked and my pc restarted. I’m using a fairly old pc that has it’s problems, however it never restarts out of the blue. At that point I was a bit scared, I heard a bunch of times that cryptocurrencies are associated with hackers etc. After few minutes I got to the conclusion that something must have happened with electricity, there is no other logical explanation since the lamp blinked as well, however it was somewhat peculiar that it happens as I’m making my first wallet…

As I understand it, every time I open my wallet GUI has to go through all the blocks on the blockchain, correct me if I’m wrong. That is what the syncing in the bottom corner should be doing, right?

Next thing that I found out was that buying crypto from exchanges isn’t just your regular online transaction, I had to submit a photo of a document with identification, now I’m waiting to get approved.

This whole process took an hour or two, I was expecting to finish the whole thing in an hour, and I haven’t even bought any crypto…

Anyway if someone has a different explanation to why my pc restarted while I was making my first wallet, I’d love to hear it. Also, how was your first experience with monero?

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