Watch out for clipboard viruses

Whenever you send money, always triple check your address – you don’t wanna learn this the hard way, like I did.

So yesterday I was sending some bitcoins, but as impatient as I was, I just copied my wallet address, pasted it in the exchange, and swiftly waltzed through the menus of withdrawing my money. Well imagine my shock when the wallet it sent to was completely different from mine.

After a few minutes of panic, I checked task manager to find an app labeled “Google Chrome” without an icon in the autostart page, that ran under the process “vlc.exe”. This came to me as very shady, as I don’t have Chrome installed on my PC.

I did some investigating, and found that the clipboard only changed to the scam wallet address when I copied wallet addresses. After locating and deleting this app, my clipboards functioned as normal.

Anyways, this was an expensive lesson for me, which I hope will not be repeated again.

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