When the topic of economy arises, I don’t mention Bitcoin, I just let them search for alternative money.


I’ve developed this marketing technique over the years. I’m passionate af about our industry, but I’ve noticed that if I started talking about Bitcoin passionately and enthusiastically, people tend to give me this look as if I was brainwashed by it. So I found this to be a powerful tehcninqe:

First I start off with: “What is money if it’s not scarce? I’m not anti-government (actually I am but I don’t want freak them out), but why would they claim that the medium of exchange we use is of value if it can be produced by them as they see fit ” Then I follow it with: “Money should be an asset that nobody controls. It is too powerful for governments to take full control of policy and money supply. History has taught us that extreme power is the foundation of corruption.

Some fall for it and ask for an alternative then I hit them off with everything you guys know.

I feel like Leo from inception. I gradually make them wonder, plant a seed that something is not right, drag them to think, they not me become open to the idea of an alternative money, then I get’em.

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