I am Jeremy Rubin the author of BIP-119 CTV, AMA!

Hi /r/Bitcoin!

My name is Jeremy Rubin and I’m the author of BIP-119 OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY. Verification on Twitter.

I figured running an AMA would be a great opportunity to get community feedback on the proposal and answer any questions about CTV or anything else you want to know!

Some basic background:

CTV adds a new capability in Bitcoin scripts that allows you to control how coins can move around. Before CTV, once you have the signatures you can spend the coin however you want. After CTV, you can make it such that a coin has to go through a sequence of steps and signatures before it can be spent. This lets you, for example, build time release Bitcoin vaults. There’s a ton of other use cases and material available on https://utxos.org to learn more. I personally recommend starting with Aaron van Wirdum’s article https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/secure-the-bag-cutting-transactions-in-half-to-resolve-bitcoin-network-congestion which explains the basics & how CTV can improve scalability in an approachable way.

I’ll be answering questions real time for 3 hours starting at 9am PT, and will answer any remaining questions throughout the day.

Ask away!

p.s. ask the AMA questions here, but be sure to join the TG group for updates & discussion longer term https://t.me/op_ctv_chat

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