Ledger Monero App: New lead dev!

Hi all,

After a long time working on Monero and having integrated the Ledger Hardware Wallet (the first HW?) into Monero client it’s time to me to move on and pass the relay.

Why? Until now Monero was still maintained as R&D project by myself. It is now moving in the coin integration team and will reach a new state level. That’s as a good news.

So the new application leader is u/grydz. He has already started to work on Monero and has
fixed and prepared the application for the 0.16.0.x client.

It was so interesting and fun to work on this project. Great thanks to the dev team which always help me! I ‘m sure the dev team and community will support him and provide him with the same help they provide me.

On my side, be sure I continue to keep an eye on the Monero future 🙂

Thanks all again!

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