Monerod.exe is using 26 GB of RAM

I was trying to start xmrig to solomine for a bit to my own local deamon, but it wouldn’t start mining. The problem appears to be that there’s not enough RAM available.

It’s a Windows 10 machine with 32 GB RAM. In the Resource Monitor I saw that Monerod.exe is using 26 GB of RAM. This is with an uptime of 2 days 6 hours. I don’t remember this happening before, because I haven’t run into this problem before, although I haven’t looked for it either.

Obviously I’m synced alright, so before you ask here’s monerod’s status output:

Height: 2113415/2113415 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 1.38 GH/s, v12, update needed, 8(out)+169(in) connections, uptime 2d 6h 26m 10s 

Startup parameters are:

--p2p-bind-port xxxx --p2p-use-ipv6 --restricted-rpc --rpc-use-ipv6 --limit-rate-up xxxx --limit-rate-down xxxxx --data-dir xxxxx 

The question is: could monerod.exe have a memory leak? This is not normal behaviour, is it?

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