What I Love About Bitcoin…

The anticipation I feel when I send my hard earned money to an address just hoping it shows up sometime soon

And the relief I feel when it arrives

The anxiety I feel withdrawing from an exchange before it gets hacked

And the relief I feel when it returns back safely

Going to bed up hundreds, waking up down hundreds and yes, going to bed down hundreds and waking up down more hundreds

Hiding my seed somewhere safe and hoping it’s still legible if I need it and sharing that location with someone I trust – for now

Sleeping with my Nano in my pillowcase and waking up with Ledger imprinted on my cheek

The desire to Hodl versus the desire to take a profit, after all, Hodling is way more important than taking profits

The thrill of recognizing and warding off endless scam emails and phishing attempts that haven’t been able to fool me (yet)

Suggesting to friends and family they invest in Bitcoin and having them look at me like I’m out of my mind

Teaching a newbie about Bitcoin and frustrating myself to no end, and not caring that I was once them

Reading about technical blockchain stuff that is so far over my head I have to have an out of body experience to grasp it

Perpetually wondering if Bitcoin will go to a million or zero or at least 11K again

Buying all my Bitcoins at $19,783 and savouring the deal I got

Dreaming my $10/Bitcoin buy limit order for $10,000 worth may accidentally fill

Bashing myself for not being an early adopter and missing out on a chance in a lifetime

These are some of the reasons I LOVE Bitcoin! How about you?

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