Bitcoin based debit cards?

Got my bank account frozen earlier today due to a Localbitcoins transaction, which really chaps my ass. Sold off some BTC, and apparently the Interac e-Transfer that hit my account was fraudulent.

So due to the bank’s shitty security protocols and them allowing a fraudlent payment to go through, they decided it was a good idea to penalize me and just freeze my money. Then I find myself stuck on the phone for a couple hours, talking to some stranger sitting in a call center on the other side of the country, asking for their permission to access my own money, which I was denied. Sorry, but I shouldn’t be penalized because they’re security sucks and they dropped the ball.

This is why I like bitcoin. It’s my money, and nobody can touch it except me. I don’t have to ask some stranger’s permission if I’m allowed to access my own hard earned money. Fucken banks, I’m pissed…

Anyway, any advice on good Bitcoin based debit cards? I know there’s AdvCash and I’ll grab a couple of them, but if you know of any other reputable debit card providers out there, I’m all ears. I’m going to distance myself from fiat, as it’s total bullshit that people have control over my own money like that.

If anyone else has had their bank account frozen due to shit like this, feel free to use this thread to vent. I’m pissed… that’s my money I worked really hard for, assholes.

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