Bitcoin is part of the peaceful solution.

The US and other countries have been silently overthrown by criminal bankers who have the sole ability to legally create all the fiat currency they want, then use the newly created money to enrich and empower themselves and their cronies. (money printer go B-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R)

Those bankers and their cronies now own and operate most of the important politicians, certainly both political parties in the US. (

Those bankers are accountable to nobody. The politicians/parties are only accountable to those bankers, that is, the politicians and judges and regulators are no longer accountable to the people. Your vote no longer matters, as the same bankers own and operate both “sides”. ( | | | etc)

The police are not accountable to the people. They have all kinds of authority without the accountability to go with it. They now rule over you, and me. The police are only accountable to the corrupted politicians, who, in turn, are only accountable to criminal bankers who are accountable to nobody. The criminal bankers now run the world.

How do you win a war/battle? You cut off the enemy’s supply lines.

The only supply line the criminal bankers have is their ability to create infinite amounts of their fiat currency “play money,” then use it to buy actual wealth, and to empower themselves and selected cronies. Take that away and find out that they are just weakling cowards and old men… sociopaths.

To weaken their supply line, start using gold, silver coins, Bitcoins, and barter as much as possible. This makes Bitcoin part of the peaceful solution.

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