Don’t trust your government with your browsing history

With everything that is going on in America I believe it is more important than ever to protect your digital life, your privacy is being slowly eroded.

Google is currently being sued for $5 billion dollars for tracking users in incognito mode, use an alternative like Brave Browser which is privacy focused and blocks ads and invasive scripts that advertisers use to track you from website to website.

Consider paying for a VPN to hide your browsing history from your ISP, any free VPN services steal your data and sell it to advertisers. If you do not have the money for a VPN you can download Brave and click the settings in the top right and click ‘New private windows with Tor’ when you are searching things you want to keep private.

If you are making purchases online that you want to keep private use a virutal privacy card from instead of using your own card which is connected to your name and address.

These are only a few suggestions, any other tips are appreciated.

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