Introducing the NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet

Introducing the NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet

Dear community, I would like to introduce you to our new hardware wallet – NGRAVE ZERO – but first I want to address the likely immediate skepticism popping up in your head – “oh no, another one, why should I even bother listening to this?”, etc. You might be thinking something along these lines, and rightfully so if you do. So, I want you to know why we really built this.

We chose this path because we are blockchain technology believers, yet our very own experiences have reminded us over and over again that holding crypto isn’t safe or at least full of dangers. The best (and for him worst) example is our CTO losing 44,000ETH with his company SwarmCity in the 2017 Parity hack. Similar experiences brought us, the three co-founders of NGRAVE, together in 2018. There and then, we decided to build the one solution that we would fully trust with our very first till our very last bitcoin. A solution to empower you, the user, to start truly owning what is yours.

Throughout our journey, we partnered up with world leading players in nanotechnology, applied cryptography, hardware security, and more. Even the second reference of Satoshi’s famed bitcoin paper – the famous cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater – mentioned in almost every cryptography paper – joined in on our project. The result: we built, from the ground up, a new hardware wallet – ZERO – and a new metal backup solution – GRAPHENE. We even designed a system, together with Chainlink, for the safe posthumous recovery of your keys by your family, when the time comes.

We analysed the end-to-end process of you owning your crypto, starting with the generation of your private keys (or master seed), having a real time overview of your accounts, receiving and signing transactions – basically your full user journey. And we left no stone unturned when looking at your security and ease of use. Today, I’m happy to tell you that our pre-order is live on Indiegogo since one week, and that we just surpassed our 500th backer.

With leaving no stone unturned, we really mean it. We for example upgraded the key generation process, so that you no longer have to worry about backdoors in the interior (TRNG) chip (not necessarily by the manufacturer but even by governments and intelligence agencies), or that the hardware manufacturer might have information on your keys. Our ZERO is completely offline, multi-layered tamper proof, and the only blockchain solution in the world with an EAL7 security certification, the highest achievable. That’s how serious we take your security.

I’m telling you this now as I believe this is a very good time to contemplate how serious you are about your security and ease of use when managing your crypto. Especially since several of us are already smelling the next bull run. Also especially since you can get the ZERO and GRAPHENE at a considerable discount, right now. And especially since your security is not open for discussion.

And know, if our intention was purely to sell and get rich, we would have chosen an easier entrepreneurial path, but we didn’t. We chose the extremely challenging mix of hardware, high security, crypto (a difficult environment to sell given the unfortunate high amount of scams, as well as we started this journey when crypto winter kicked in). We chose this path because we are all-in into fostering worldwide blockchain adoption, and therefore, we make a promise to tackle the security and usability hurdles. No cutting corners.

Start truly owning what is yours.


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