You can now build browser applications with fully client-side Monero wallets using WebAssembly bindings to monero v0.16.0.0 ‘Nitrogen Nebula’

I’m happy to announce that fully client-side Monero wallets are now supported in Node.js and the browser using native WebAssembly bindings to monero v0.16.0.0 ‘Nitrogen Nebula’ in the monero-javascript project. These wallets perform all transaction processing on the client’s device without sharing the private view key with a third party. This comes after WebAssembly support was added in monero v0.16.0.0 ‘Nitrogen Nebula’.

In addition, major updates are released to monero-java, monero-javascript, and monero-cpp in the monero-ecosystem, featuring:

  • support for monero v0.16.0.0 ‘Nitrogen Nebula’
  • simpler APIs to create wallets and send funds
  • the ability to use Monero wallets with native, client-side bindings in addition to RPC
  • a new developer guide to get developers up and running quickly
  • improved API documentation (Java, JS, C++)
  • a clearly defined data model and API specification
  • support for multisig, view-only, and offline wallets
  • the ability to query wallet transactions, transfers, and outputs by their properties
  • the ability to receive notifications when blocks are added to the chain or when wallets sync, send, or receive
  • comprehensive tests

Two envisioned web applications are a general-purpose web wallet and a tool which continuously transfers funds to itself in order to one day stress test the network.

Any feedback is welcome, and I’m looking for help building the front-end to these web applications, so please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.

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