Can somebody explain the BCH conspiracy theory?

I have zero BCH, but I see the posts on their sub and can’t help but wonder. I subscribe to the idea of BTC being a store of value. I also subscribe to the idea that BTC doesn’t need the functionality of other cryptos, because technology can perfect it (i.e LN). From what I’ve read it would seem that block size has a direct effect on BTCs intrinsic value as a TRULY hard currency that is TRULY censorship-proof. It seems that BCH peeps are worried more about scalability and adoption and that that is what their qualms are mostly about. Is there something more to it? That there were bad actors and big money that resisted the changes to block size to keep BTC from reaching it’s true potential? What’s their deal? I would also like some mildly technical language explaining why they’re wrong. Thanks yall

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