An open source Bitcoin minded take on Stack Exchange:

Earn Bitcoin by providing good answers. E.g. the latest 3 questions have incentives for 550k sats, 131k sats, 100k sats at this time. If you answer has the most votes and stays like that for 3 days then the money is yours.

The way it works is anyone can add anonymous incentives to any question. The site tracks which answer has the most votes and how long it’s been in that position. After 3 days the author of a signed answer can claim the funds via a lighting invoice. Folks also need to pay sats to vote or post: 1 sat equals 1 vote. Posts cost 2 sats. The money paid for votes and post on the website goes to the operator (me) to stack and support hosting expenses. Yet 100% the money put into incentives goes back to the customers.

I encourage everyone to try using the site and earn some sats, yet if you don’t feel like doing that now then here video of how it looks from the customers perspective:

You can stop reading now, yet if interested here is my story and how this website was built:

I started this project about 1.5 years ago by forking a much older project that has been around for 10 years: (forum focusing on bioinformatics) – I made contributions to back in 2011 and in good standing with the original author. Lastly, the is still a very active Q&A at about 9k unique visitors per day.

I remove all use of cookies. Replaced Google Sign Sign-On with Lightning payments backend powered by multiple nodes that I run. Removed a lot of other things and added the Incentives feature. The plan is to continue to improve privacy by removing all JavaScript and opening an Tor address to the site. Also have some wild ideas about how to make this website distributed so that other operators can participate in hosting it. Yet, that’s for another post.

I’m new to Reddit, before I was mostly hanging out on Twitter.

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