I think we need more active action to protect monero.

Japan, Korea, Australia, Brazil… more and more countries are banning monero. It’s faster than I thought. In my country, Korea, an announcement of cryptocurrency regulation is coming soon. According to several reports, it seems clear that government will prohibit VASP not to handle a privacy coins.

Most people agree that privacy is important, but financial privacy is not attracting public attention much. As a result, the government has strengthened financial surveillance under the name of AML, including the NSA’s illegal mass surveillance.

Now someone should say “Stop!” to them. It is not enough to persuade the regulator with moderate manner. We have to bring to court on this subject like any other privacy debate and force the government to stop banning monero. Just as the EU court invalidated the EU-US privacy shield.

After the Korean government announces the regulation, I will contact local civic groups to consider whether I can sue the regulatory laws on constitutional court. Freedom of privacy and freedom of telecommunication are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Korean Constitution, and I believe what the government is trying to do is violating basic human right. If the government really respects privacy, they should rather encourage adding privacy features to crypto.

I hope that the attempts I am making will also occur in other countries. To make more people aware of the importance of privacy coin…

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