Please donate to Coinswap development

Coinswaps will be key to increasing on chain fungibility for bitcoin. Because they give users privacy without allowing their transactions to get flagged.

Products like KYT are becoming increasing common, and from the screenshots you can see users can get flagged for trivial things like being linked to ‘mixing’ or even using a ‘p2p exchange’

The human rights foundation granted Chris Belcher 50K USD to work on this protocol, however i think it would be lame if the only donation came from a charitable organization. At least some of the funding should come from the community. If feel he deserves to be paid more than a minimum wage for working on this full time.

There’s a donation link on the github – which i won’t link, but currently there are no donations to the address.

Remember if you are sending a donation you can make a transaction with the fee set of 1/sat per byte. Because its ok for the transaction to be in the mempool untill it confirms

mods: is it ok to link to the donation page or is this against the rules?

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