Best beginner OS/configuration for an dedicated full node?

I have a spare PC to use to run a Monero full node, 24/7. It’d be private RPC at first (public P2P), but I would hope to eventually make it a public RPC node over Tor or clearnet (something to research later). The PC may also be simultaneously used as a home file server and/or I2P zero node as future goals. This is a blank slate, so any OS can be installed. I have a little experience installing/using Linux Mint, but am still very noobish on the command line.

I feel that Mint may not be the right choice, because it comes with more bloat than is needed for this application and because it always seems to be needing an update, which I probably won’t want to regularly do on a headless PC? I’m hoping to SSH in from my main PC to monitor/control on occasion, but I have almost no experience with that either. Initial setup won’t be headless.


  1. What’s a good, stable, low-maintenence OS for a primarily headless Monero node? Ubuntu LTS is a safe choice, I guess, but I don’t know if I’m gaining any benefit over Mint.

  2. What privacy/security considerations are there for setting up a 24/7 Monero node from scratch, especially as a Linux noob? (no wallet will be loaded on this PC)

  3. How do I get monerod to restart and safely recover from a power outage without manual intervention each time?

My thanks for this great community!

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