Channel “active”: false, but both peers online?

I’ve opened a channel to a peer and everything was fine for the first month or so. Channel was “active”, but now all of a sudden the channel I opened with that peer is no longer active. I am still connected to this peer and they are still online. I can do a lncli getnodeinfo [pubkey] to get their information but the channel we have together has now been offline for a few weeks now.

I’ve tried stopping LND and running it again.
I’ve tried manually disconnecting from this peer (not closing the channel but disconnecting) and reconnecting.

Nothing seems to work. The only option that I could think of next would be to force close the channel, incur the high transaction fee, and then open a new channel (again paying transaction fees), but even then, it might go offline again after all that.

I’m running version LND 0.10.3-beta. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

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