I am the one that gave away $600 in Bitcoin a few months ago I wont be able to do the Bitcoin give away like I promised. I am really sorry. (Details inside)

If you remember me, I gave away $600 in Bitcoin a few months ago. I've actively been giving away Bitcoin to people on Reddit and Facebook that I felt were genuine and just overall good people; to date I had given away 70% of my Bitcoin fortune. I wanted to give away 95% of my Bitcoin before the end of the year. I was set to hold another giveaway, when I felt the community was in need of some sunshine during these dark times.

At the start of the pandemic I would at random give between 0.10 BTC to 1.0 BTC to random people on Reddit and Facebook, it could be a funny reply or a post about someone getting scammed or wanting to own 1 whole bitcoin, YTD I have given away 40 Bitcoin.

it seems that I was targeted by someone or a group and the remaining 30% of Bitcoin was stolen.

I am sorry that I have let down all of you, I only wanted to help people, that's the only thing in life that brings me any sort of happiness these days. Even as I write this I am holding back tears. I don't understand why people are so cruel and greedy. When I do things for people I NEVER expect anything in return, maybe a smile or a thumbs up.

It just doesn't make sense, why do people have to do this? If someone needed money, they could have just asked! Why did you have to go and ruin it for others that could have used the money for food or medicine or rent? I wouldn't have said no if you would have just asked me!

To whoever did it, if you see this, I want you to know that I am not angry with you, I am just disappointed with you and myself.

I hope this community can accept my apology, I really am sorry.

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