Keep it in the Sheets with ShopinBit and Monero: 7k Erotica Products added (EU and CH Shipping!)

Hello dear night dwellers and privacy aficionados,

there are many ways to mass adoption but the easiest way is just to make more Monero Fans.So if you wanna spice up your love life, or need condoms for a wild night out (#noregrets) check out our new section Erotica:

We offer 7.000 (seven thousand) products and we are shipping it within the whole EU incl. CH and GB.

Yes we still handle Monero manually, but that will change in the near future 😉

In the meantime, enjoy free Shipping within Germany from 20€ for our erotica products.

For Europe (incl. CH+GB) free shipping starts from 50€.

So get your kink on, you don't need a customer account, we delete all customer data after 30 days, and invoices below 250€ are anonymous.

If you have Questions, please contact me directly through or send me an pgp encrypted e-mail.

Keep encrypting,

Lando RothbardianOwner of

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