An idea to expose surveillance coins

Elevator pitch: What if we had a free alternative to Chainalysis tools so that surveillance coin owners (BTC, etc.) can easily see what Chainalysis clients can see about their transactions and wallets. It'd be akin to being able to look at your personal entry inside the PRISM mass surveillance database.

Users could also check out the "probabilistic" analyses of their privacy coin holdings (Monero), which will reveal whether or not these analyses actually work.

This could help drive the adoption of privacy coins like Monero, or even increase the adoption of privacy-optimizing technologies for BTC (one such technology would be the XMR atomic swaps, but also the Lighting Network has some privacy-enhancing properties too)

How could we do this?

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to add this to the Community Crowdfunding System so we could finance a few licenses for Chainalysis so we can basically understand all they offer, and then we can begin building our own free alternatives (in such a way that avoids copyright issues, we could hire some copyright lawyers to oversee the development)


Would love to hear your thoughts on this; if something like this already exists, if it does, how could we promote its usage, etc.

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