Bitcoin can benefit the American and World Economy and Standard of Living

Here is why:

1) The traditional narrative as a Gov and Bank killer is a bankrupt argument

2) Bitcoin will most likely be a win-win scenario that everyone will benefit

3) There is excess of wealth now in most counties

4) People store this wealth in stocks and mainly real estate

5) Especially the real estate is a big problem because people buy homes just to store value

6) An alternative and better finite store or wealth is bitcoin, because is portable. As long as it is collectively valued as digital gold and cannot be stolen – it offers more benefit than real estate

7) if Bitcoin is successful money maybe diverted from real estate and house prices will drop. This will be a true win for humanity because houses will have a pure utility purpose and not be hyper inflated. This way, people will have affordable housing and security. They will not be paying mortgage for their entire lifetime.

8) Also bitcoin can serve as a FinTech and tech stock since many of these services will be based on it (aka the new internet and the evolution of a lean banking)

What do you think?

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