Does send splitting coins to sub addresses increases or decreases my pricacy?


Sorry for the maybe dumb question but I have recently bought around 100XMR (from an exchange linked to my name) and sent them to my primary XMR address (I use the official monero-gui-wallet)

If I split these 100 (10 x 10) transactions from my primary addresses to a sub account (on 10 different sub addresses) does this increae my privacy?

And If after having sent 10 times 10 XMR on my sub addresses I send 10 times 10 XMR to an entereliy different wallet (new seed) is it possible to trace back from where these 100XMR are coming from (the exchange where I bought them?)

(I'm asking this because in monero-gui-wallet I don't see a way to explitely say send these 10XMR from 'this' address. All I see is 100XMR in the account tab. I dont see how much each monero addresse hold and I don't from with address monero-gui-wallet will send the coins from)

Thank you!

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