updated: Many internal changes, updated guides, reorganized videos and screenshots, new merchants and more

A lot of internal changes this month, but also updated guides, release announcements and more.

Updates to Getmonero

These are the major changes to since my last update:

  • Fixed and simplified localization process for screenshots. This PR removed more than 1500 unnecessary files. Details in the PR – #1282
  • The 404 page is now translatable – #1236
  • Removed two Moneropedia entries: 'Address Book' and 'Destination' – #1218
  • Reduced the amount of file to edit when adding a Moneropedia entry from 28 to 15 (yes, this is still an absurd number, I'm working on it) – #1198
  • The Monero videos were reorganized. Now each video is positioned on a related page – #1190
  • Changed the way we display Moneropedia links on Getmonero. Now we show an 'i' info logo after each entry – #1138
  • The footer was refactored to use the internationalization plugin we use for part of the website. This is a significant change that makes this part of the website scalable and removes a lot of useless duplicated files. See the pull requests for the details – #1217
  • The user guide 'CLI Wallet/Daemon Isolation with Qubes + Whonix' has been labelled as 'Outdated' (but an update of this guide is waiting to be merged) – #1206
  • The Moneropedia entry 'Ring Size' has been updated – #1204
  • Added 'monero-rs' to the 'Librarty and Helpers' section – #1272
  • Removed user guide 'How-to-mine-Monero-XMR-without-a-mining-equipment' – #1192
  • Added link to the guide 'Set up a wallet (using a remote node) on Tails' (external onion address)' to the ['User Guides' page])( –
  • Now we show the Monero logo on social medias instead of nothing if the image in a post is an SVG – #1118
  • Updated screenshots and fixed minor issues of the user guide 'Verify binaries on Windows (beginner)'#1083
  • The link to the telegram chat now points to a different room – #1277
  • Announced release of the GUI
  • Announced release of the CLI
  • Announced release of the GUI
  • The Roadmap was updated – #1269
  • Removed miner 'xmr-stak' from the 'Mining' page#1314
  • The Moneropedia entries starting with C have been translated to German – #1249
  • Fixed link to manually download the blockchain – #1240

This list doesn't include all changes to the website or to the repository. For a wider overview, take a look at the list of all commits or the activity on Github during last month

New merchants

These are businesses which accept Monero recently added to the 'Merchants' page. For the complete list visit

Note: we list these merchants for convenience, we don't do any vetting. We only check that the websites actually accept Monero and are not obvious scams. Do not use these services without first making your own researches about them.

ClientVPS #1237
Offshore hosting

Bitgear Australia #1238
Australian hardware wallet retailer

Codify Global #1231
AWS consulting and technology stack modernization

Crypto Cove #1229
Crypto merch and apparel store #1271
Psychedelic Apparel and accessories Brand

Miller Technical Services #1276
Discreet Product Development Services

4 merchants were removed: #1244, #1228, #1284, #1287

If you know a business which accepts Monero who is not listed, let us know and we will add it to the 'Merchants' page. To add a merchant, open an issue on the repository and fill up the template.

We need contributors willing to work on the website!

Contributors willing to help with the website are always welcome. You are encouraged to join the #monero-site chatroom (on Freenode, Matrix and MatterMost) to stay up to date and participate to the development. It's possbile to contribute to the development of the website in several ways:

  • Translate! It's possible to translate the main parts of the website through an user-friendly graphic interface: Weblate. You don't need any particular experience, except speaking a second language, but make sure to read the guide you find at the top of the page.
  • Resolve an issue! There are many open issues only waiting for contributors to work on them. Keep an eye especially on the issues labelled "⛑️ contributor needed" , which are mostly documentation changes or easy issues which don't require deep technical knowledge. If you would like to help with one of those, but you are scared by the fact that you need to navigate the repository, feel free to contact us and we will manage to get you started.

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