How would one sell bitcoin if the price skyrocketed

Let's say the year is now 2022 and the prediction by Citibank is true and bitcoin is worth in excess of $300,000 usd (£225k)

I am a true hodler, BUT… if one could take this potential opportunity and buy a home outright if would mean your setup for life.

How would one release funds from bitcoin if this was the case for a potential house purchase?

If this did happen, there will be lots of users with potentially over £100k plus in bitcoin… I don't think Coinbase will allow you to sell such an amount and even if they did withdrawing it to your bank would be another hurdle with the most likely outcome being account closure, something that happens far to often in the UK.

I would like to know how you would "cash out" in this scenario and get the funds in place to purchase property.

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