It feels different this time

I have been following the price of btc for about 6 years now. What's happening now feels v. Different like different forces are at play. Often, even in the last 12 months a spike would see a regular trace back where it would just trade sudewards or evebmn further down for a few weeks.. It was rhythmic in nature and felt deliberate, almost predictable, like some forces were artificially playing with it, making margin gains on the ups and downs . Whales etc who knows.

This feels different this time, the whole rhythm feels different. When we drop now, it seems to be shrugged off within days, almost like an annoyance or anomaly, to a determined upward trajectory.

I may not be explaining it very well, but after 6 years of following the price religiously, it feels like the heartbeat I different. I have heard nany theories why it is different thus time. I can only say that in my gut, something seems to have shifted

Jeez, now I read this back it seems barely worth posting…

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