Another Fundraising Round For Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps?

Given the recent events, I would like to propose an idea. That we have another [cfs? fundraiser?] to expedite implementation of cross-chain atomic swaps. Specifically, I would like to fund the version that doesn't depend on Schnorr, because I don't think we should count on that (although I really hope it arrives sooner than later).

For those that aren't aware, the current funded implementation is focusing on integration with Schnorr, because it reduces complexity and transaction size requirement. This is a wise long term solution, but medium term (9-18 months) has the potential to leave us without an implementation, if Bitcoin delays activation.

My only real question is, does throwing more money at this realistically make it happen faster? I know there's a derth of capable cryptographers and blockchain coders in the real world. As a mere script kiddie, I'm not sure how much I can personally do to help this along, other than donate more money. What do yall think?

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