Go On RealVision to Raise Monero Awareness?

Would one of the top devs or a similar spokesperson be willing to go on the RealVision Crypto show and explain the importance of privacy and fungibility to viewers and RealVision hosts? One of the guys at RealVision said he tried to get in touch with Fluffy Pony at the request of some viewers (myself included), but was unable to reach him.

For those that don't know, RealVision is a financial news network with ties to the libertarian-leaning site ZeroHedge that has been trying to bridge the gap between institutional money and crypto. Their production value is really good–interviews are concise and flow well. Many tiers are paid, but their crypto tier is free.

They've advocated Bitcoin as "mass-available offshore banking", but worryingly aren't yet aware of the privacy and fungibility problems with a non-anonymous coin like Bitcoin, especially in an era of chainanalysis (don't think I've heard this mentioned yet on any interviews they've done). For many such people, merely having their wallet value visible is dangerous enough.

With most exchanges recognizing that XMR is no security, and with the possibility of atomic swaps between XMR and BTC (or just decentralized exchanges blooming), I think they'd like the price potential of Monero as well (or at least prevent it from declining with exchange delistings), though its raw utility should be even more valuable.

I think that this community is ripe for being informed of the necessity of privacy, anonymity, and fungibility that Monero alone offers.

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