Happy new public node everyone !

Hey everyone, I've rented a new VPS (5$/4€) and setup a new public node for us.

Setup took around 2 days, (importing RAW blockchain and syncing up) but the node is running now for everyone to connect.

monerod.conf is as below:




max-log-file-size=0 # Prevent monerod from managing the log files; we want logrotate to take care of that

# P2P full node

p2p-bind-ip= # Bind to all interfaces (the default)

p2p-bind-port=18080 # Bind to default port

# RPC open node

rpc-bind-ip= # Bind to all interfaces

rpc-bind-port=18081 # Bind on default port

confirm-external-bind=1 # Open node (confirm)

restricted-rpc=1 # Prevent unsafe RPC calls

no-igd=1 # Disable UPnP port mapping


# Slow but reliable db writes


# Emergency checkpoints set by MoneroPulse operators will be enforced to workaround potential consensus bugs

# Check https://monerodocs.org/infrastructure/monero-pulse/ for explanation and trade-offs


out-peers=64 # This will enable much faster sync and tx awareness; the default 8 is suboptimal nowadays

in-peers=1024 # The default is unlimited; we prefer to put a cap on this

limit-rate-up=1048576 # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 2048 kB/s; contribute more to p2p network

limit-rate-down=1048576 # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 8192 kB/s; allow for faster initial sync



I found that the attacker still crashes my node ( every few hours, so I implemented the ban list again. Hope that gets fixed soon 🙂

Now looking for a monitoring tool, as the VPS provider does not give much info about traffic and CPU/Mem usage.

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