Monero is better at being Bitcoin than Bitcoin

You need an expensive and completely useless ASIC to mine Bitcoins, while Monero can be mined efficiently from a desktop PC / idle server.

Bitcoin is getting popular among institutional investors. Monero is still an underground technology.

Bitcoin is getting traded in more and more big places, while most crypto-exchanges are doing their best to conform to their local laws and block monero.

Bitcoin network is stable for a while, and is not getting attacked by anyone. Meanwhile Monero is under constant pressure and has to keep improving.

Bitcoin fees are insane and make it near impossible for casual holders to transact on the native chain. Monero scales and beats paypal by a factor of 10 in terms of fees.

Bitcoin is not fungible, and unless I'm a professional coin mixer, anyone on the planet is able to track my earnings and spendings. IRS has put a pretty hefty bounty on cracking Monero's privacy feature.

Most Bitcoin 'holders' don't know what a private key is, they just login on binance with email+pw+2fa like plebs. At best they put their assets in a close-sourced hardware device that can be seized physically. Monero holders have no choice but to understand and store their assets the way it was meant by Satoshi.

Bitcoin might create some billionaires overnight, but Monero is here to empower the people and change the financial world forever.

Did I miss anything?

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