New user with motivation.

Hey there

First, my best wishes for the new year to all of you ! 🙂

After 2 Days of reading and to have a break from learning for LPIC-2, i did a new VM on my Proxmox Host and install minimal debian and build monero.

The first full-node is running , iptables and the rest works well. I have connections out and in.

So the first step is done and now i do another 3 VMs, one for one more full node, and 2 public nodes (Tor and Clearnet).

But, is this schema a good idea ? Or is there any reason to this not as i do ?

I'm very open for advices and please, i'm happy to learn more and so can i use my resources much more better for the monero network. I have really a lot of servers and a good connection to the WAN.

But i'm still a Monero newbie and i have no interest for mining !

I like my privacy and i like to help others, to have their privacy and so is my motivation the privacy behind monero.

So another Question, i don't mine and i don't like to mine, my motivation is as i said, the privacy. But how i can help or bring me in, in some other sections in the monero world without mining and just running full and public nodes ?

There are a lot of docs and stuff to read, but i wanna just ask here for some advices, what else can i do ? Or is my maximum help, to run some nodes ?

Best regards to all of you and a happy new year. 🙂

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