Running a public node & data transfer rate limits

To support the network I rented a root server with 1GBit/s and run a public node. I noticed that print_net_stats shows quite low data transfer limits of 8MBit/s down and 2MBit/s up:

Received 2008347340 bytes (1.87 GB) in 940275 packets in 14.5 hours, average 37.64 kB/s = 0.46% of the limit of 8.00 MB/s Sent 38341603279 bytes (35.71 GB) in 1445034 packets in 14.5 hours, average 718.51 kB/s = 35.08% of the limit of 2.00 MB/s 

Obviously I increased the limits now (–limit-rate parameter), but I wonder how many people don't notice this and leave a lot of potential bandwidth untapped.

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