Using Monero for Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid

I saw this segment on Venezuela on the news ( It talks about an organization (Alimenta la solidardad; that was feeding thousands of children each day in Venezuela through community kitchens, but their offices were raided by the Maduro dictatorship and their bank accounts were frozen.

To me, this sounds like a perfect use case scenario for Monero. You have a brutal dictator, opposition being crushed, rampant corruption and an economy in ruins. This organization is trying to feed thousands of children who otherwise would go hungry, but with their bank accounts frozen, they may not be able to continue to run their community kitchens. If they were using Monero, couldn't they potentially continue to operate?

The main fund could be kept out of country (IE in the US), and they could send XMR to the mobile wallets of their community contacts as needed to buy food and supplies. The Maduro dictatorship might be able to raid their offices or take their phones, but they wouldn't be able to control their accounts. Using Monero would also make it extremely difficult for the Maduro dictatorship to surveil their finances and would not be able to link individual transactions to the organization.

I do not have any contacts in Venezuela or with this organization. These things are very difficult to navigate under a dictatorship and with such levels of corruption, but perhaps someone from the Monero community could reach out to the organization to assist them? I know there are some Venezuelans who are very active on here (ie Lovera u/zetnip).

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