How can I support the Atomic Swap development?

Im thankful for this community. Whether you are here for the liberties crypto can provide, are investing and hoping for the moon to one day cash out, or are actively supporting this network of pioneers actualizing your beliefs we are in this together.

Too many of us blindly check the boxes downloaded the apps and bought the products. We voted for this system, not with our "rigged" elections but with our things our money. We voted for this

Here, I am not "the strange one". I am not questioned why I would want privacy, why I support crypto, why i support something that "isnt backed by anything"

This is a ship im willing to go down with, if the world rejects crypto I played my part. Money is a tool, its only given value when we decide it does. As gold smelted into way into coins, that which led to paper bills. So too is it time for crypto to emerge and be handed the torch.

Thank you developers and active members for your dedication to your craft, I am grateful to co exist with you

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