16 years old, and I want to start investing in Bitcoin.


To preface this post, I just wanted to say that I already know a bit about Bitcoin, and I am still learning. My Dad also has approximately 80% of a whole Bitcoin, and has done some mining in the past, (also has other investments).
Anyway, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the nitty gritty.
I am going to turn 16 in about 7 days, and I think that when I turn 16 I can maybe create a custodial account to start investing with (my Dad has said that he can sign off on it).

So my main question here is, what would be the best plan for me to start investing in Bitcoin?
I have roughly £100 – £130 (I can't remember exactly) that I can start investing with.
I know that BTC has gone up quite a lot in the past couple of months and I keep going: "oooh I can't wait for BTC to dip, please dip Bitcoin so I can buy the heck out of you." Welp, it hasn't really dipped at all, so I don't know if I should just keep waiting for it to dip (since I don't have a lot of money rn and I want to make some quick bucks), or if I should just start DCA'ing BTC.

That's it pretty much, I have read the beginners guides to BTC and already know how to buy it and store it etc. I am just here asking for any advice on my situation.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this 😀

– Mini

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