Can we get a CCS proposal to hire some Indian firm to answer tech questions 24/7 on a 800 number for Monero related questions

I've just seen a bunch of noobs having trouble with this stuff, and as a programmer we know how to do the research and figure it out, but many of these noobs aren't used to this and get discouraged and stop trying, it's relatively cheap to purchase a help line and I'd be willing to donate.

press one for help setting up a monero wallet for the first time

Press two for help setting up a monero full public node for the first time

I've got a lot of flack for suggesting we put up guard rails that help the less technically inclined and to be honest it reeks of a kind of self smugness, "this isn't the audience for Monero", "if you can't do it you're just lazy", hey, Monero is for everyone, so it should be easily accessible for everyone, even the technologically illiterate, and I believe this would help a lot. As well as result in many more public nodes.

What do you guys think?

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