Dispute regarding 1bit.group and issue on getmonero.org merchant listing

On 7 Jan 2021 someone (person A) approached me complaining not receiving any USDT (ERC 20) of equivalent in exchange for 30.1 XMR using 1bit.group website which in listed (as of writing) in getmonero.org list of merchant. After around 20 or so email communication (as claimed) by A with 1bit.group support, they claimed (source 2) that the corresponding XMR address does not belong to their service, as well as the transaction never happened.

I am but a person of no interest in any side, and person A after going through the dispute decided to gave up the 30.1 XMR for his own reason, in which i insist of reporting for exposure through reddit, and thus representing him, but not directly in the interest of person A.

The transaction in question. Person A said that the transaction receipt was disabled/disappear after hours upon transaction in which he doesn't have a screenshot for. Also noted that the minimum required amount is 7 XMR for a single transaction.

Disregarding the dispute, I later found out that there isn't much communication method with 1bit.group other than their email. Moreover, their website isn't even SSL encrypted as of writing, and they were only approved for listing recently. With that I raise the question of the procedure as well the the thrust factor regarding getmonero.org services/exchange listing, since in the sphere of cryptocurrency, main website is usually the most trusted source.

I partially feel guilty since I provided the sense of security by promoting that the main site is trustworthy and thus, if person A turns out to be honest, truly got scammed by a website promoted by main site.

As a side note, this post is also a public call for 1bit.group to resolve the dispute if possible.

Thank you.

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