Kinda lost with old “paper” wallet and Monero GUI Wallet

In Dec 2017-Jan 2018 I explored different currencies including Monero.

I have a paper wallet as PNG, which is created in 2018-01-04, and I'm trying to move "coins" from this wallet to Monero GUI Wallet.

I already installed GUI Wallet and restored wallet with mnemonic seed. I used PNG creation date as "wallet creation date" and restored wallet, but it shows me 0.00 credits. I kinda panicked and cancelled syncing so I would not do any more harm.

To be honest, I can't remember at all did I have any money in this paper wallet. Neither what web service I used for creating the wallet.

And now I'm kinda lost what I should to do. I have information such as public address, mnemonic seed, spend key and view key.

Is there a way to see the balance is the paper wallet unnecessary wallet? Did I do wrong when I restored (a paper) wallet from mnemonic seed? Should I create a new Monero wallet on my local computer and "somehow" send coins from the paper wallet to a new Monero GUI wallet?

TL;DR I have a old paper wallet and I want to move coins to Monero GUI Wallet, but I'm lost

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