Scammed (by someone that didnt even have to scam, nice world we living in lmao)

Since he just deleted his account, i dont have a way to contact him again (except maybe if he sees that post)

on friday the automod posted that thread:

on which did an offer to /u/TheDon__ to exchange $430 worth of xlm to xmr, as long as he sends back 2 xmr

after seeing his thread "looking for job paid in xmr"

the offer:

his reply:

the convo in reddit direct chat (timestamps in utc):


yeah, just got scammed by someone that could just have completed the trade and still end up with the amount he scammed


the xlm address he used was:


idk if it could be tracked to an exchange or something…

prob wont happen but if /u/TheDon__ be like "aight, gonna send those xmr" here's the address…


but yeah, prob wont happen i guess, like, that's someone that literally scammed when didnt have to scam.

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