This community has a serious problem

For the eleventy hundredth time in the Monero telegram channel some guy was spouting off anti-jewish hate and conspiracies and I am the one who got banned for posting 3 gifs: one of the Star of David, the next of the Israeli flag, and a funny one of Netanyahu giving a dismissive wave. This was immediately after some guys commented, with impunity:

" Thing is, XMR's atomic swaps with BTC will throw a very un-Kosher Monkey Wrench in their evil, Zionist plan."

" i also thought a lot about btc being the perfect traceable currency for their goyim cattle"

"All part of the Zionist plan to rule the world from Jerusalem. BTW, ever read [omitted because I don't want to spread this hate speech]? He's the best researcher of the spiritual aspects of the Zionist plan I've ever read."

Of course no one was offended or sought to beat back this dangerous ignorance that rears it ugly head every few hours in the XMR telegram. And I'm gonna take a wild guess that these guys didn't get banned.

I'd been in that group for like 2 years, and have now been removed for standing up to some anti-semites and posting a graphic that implies my solidarity with the people they want exterminated. I was also kicked out of an unofficial XMR "price discussion" group last year because I challenged the group leader's unrelenting Jewish Conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

People in this community are totally complacent about (if not encouraging of) other members being actively vocal about their hatred of Jews and it sickens me. Grow a spine and stand up to these bullies for fuck's sake.

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